Prolong Ejaculation

When you want to procrastinate an ejaculation, because it feels great just basking in the moment, what can you do to ensure that you have control?  

Here’s a guide to prolonging ejaculation:

The opposite of prolonged ejaculations can either be a normal love making session of 7 minutes or more, or a heated session that has been cut short by premature ejaculation.

Here’s why some people don’t have trouble with premature ejaculation:

  • They exercise
  • They eat healthily
  • They think positively
  • They take a daily male enhancer to boost their stamina


The pointer regarding positivity is important, because fear and anxiety can have crippling effects not only in the bedroom, but life in general.

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The difference between ordinary sex and extraordinary sex is that little extra.

The extra initiative includes adding a male supplemental formula to your diet, which goes a far way in meeting your goals as a sexual pro, and for lasting however long you choose, while still maintaining a pleasure point. 

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