What is Cocked N Loaded?

We’ve done the research, making men’s sexual health our number one priority.  Our labs have discovered this potent proprietary blend of natural ingredients to create a extreme semen volumizer for increased male sexual performance.

Is Cocked N Loaded safe?

With Cocked-N-Loaded you can increase sexual performance without the use of expensive gadgets or painful surgeries.  It’s so safe, you don’t even need a prescription!

How does Cocked N Loaded work?

Semen volumizers increase the intensity of orgasms because semen build-up in the body forces your muscles to contract more and harder to expel all of that luscious juice.  It is the intensity in this series of muscle contractions that make orgasms go from “Yeah, ok, that was nice” to “OMFG how is this even possible?!”

What results should I expect?

A semen volumizer can not only increase sexual performance and give you massive ejaculations, it can also lead to enhanced erectile hardness.  When you get harder and build up your semen’s volume, you can pleasure her longer and more intensely.

Why should I try a semen volumizer?

Cocked-N-Loaded is more than a semen volumizer and sexual performance enhancer.  It is also a male sexual confidence booster!  When you increase sexual performance and experience the intense orgasmic effects of Cocked-N-Loaded, you can feel manlier, more potent, and more virile than ever.

Are there any side effects?

Cocked-N-Loaded is specially formulated to avoid the side effects that accompany prescription medication, so it is safe to use.  Some customers have even reported increased stamina outside of the bedroom with Cocked-N-Loaded, meaning more bang for your buck, and more energy to keep you vital and virile all day and all night.

Will a semen volumizer make me bigger? Harder?

Semen volumizer is used to increase sperm volume, which will also increase the strength of your orgasms. Larger sperm volume will make orgasms stronger and longer.

What are the ingredients?

2 capsules  = 1400 mg
Maca Extract (Lipidium Meyenli) (root)
Jujube (Zizyphus jujuba) (fruit)
Tribulus Terrestris Extract  (standardized to 40% saponins) (seed)
Horny Goat Weed Extract  (20:1) (Epimedium sagittatum) (whole plant)
Xanthoparmelia Extract (Xanthoparmelia scabrosa) (bark)
Cnidium Extract (4:1) (Cnidium monnien) (seed)
Longjack Extract (100:1) (Eurycoma longifolia) (root)

How does Cocked N Loaded increase semen?

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What is the definition of premature ejaculation?

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What causes early ejaculation?

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How can I prolong ejaculation?

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